Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2020

6 • Colorado Public Works Journal EQUIPMENT Works News What a great day we had at our grand opening for Next Gen Equipment Training. The day was filled with attendees from AGC, CCA, NUCA, the Build Colorado, the Colorado Education Founda- tion, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation/Division of Maintenance and Operations Training Services, civil construction companies, vendors, suppliers and many more! People were able to "test-drive" the simulator and the feedback was fantastic! Next Gen donated ten (10) two hour simulator operator training sessions to the Colorado Education Foundation, our goal is to bring young people into the construction industry and make sure future equipment operators are trained the right way. Tyler Hamilton from the Colo. Dept. of Transportation/Division of Maintenance and Operations Training Services won the 55” TV grand prize from the Next Gen open house (the TV was a contribution from United Rentals here in Denver). He has a really big smile on his face, he “could not believe he won the grand prize!”. Thank you so much to everyone for your support with the open house and Next Gen Equipment Training ( . Next Gen: Equipment Training Grand Opening Colorado Barricade’s New Automated Flagger Assistance Devices Colorado Barricade has recently partnered with Site 2020 to vault the profession of flagging forward into the future. The current labor pool unfortunately just doesn’t have a sufficient amount of certified and experienced flaggers to support the amount of construction taking place in Colorado. Quite often, expensive construction equipment and crews sit off to the side of the road waiting for flaggers to show up to their jobsite so they may begin working. In a world where time is money, this waiting around can get expensive in a hurry. The Guardian Smart Flagger provided by Colorado Barricade can help ensure your project will begin on time. These AFADs are cur- rently approved for use by CDOT, Denver’s DOTI, City of Aurora Pub- lic Works and many others around Colorado. Here are just some of the features and benefits: • Improves jobsite safety by removing people from the potential of being struck and either injured or killed by aggressive, inebriated or the ever-growing number of distracted drivers. • Utilizes WAZE/Google Maps to mark your jobsite and re-route those drivers utilizing navigation to an alternate route around the jobsite • Able to perform flawlessly in extreme temperatures without requiring frequent breaks. • Records video that can be used in litigation defense with video evidence of the negligent motorist’s actions. • Has a 118 decibel intrusion alarm that will alert workers of an approaching unsafe driver. Our goal at Colorado Barricade, our main purpose in life is to ensure you and your crews as well as the public all make it home safe and sound to your loved ones. For more information or request an equipment demonstration, please contact Colorado Barricade at 303-922-7815 or email us at . Let us help you maximize production and improve the safety of your jobsite! We look forward to working with you!