Colorado Public Works Journal, Summer 2019

Summer 2019 63 CAPA NEWS & VIEWS Wednesday July 3, 4:30pm. It’s rush hour and folks are leaving work a little early to get a head start on their long Fourth of July holiday weekend. Traffic is heavy along the portion of South Parker Road (SH 83) in Arapahoe County and then fireworks began a day early. The existing concrete pavement buckled in a dramatic event along the south- bound lanes at Broncos Parkway and caused at least two crashes, officials say. CBS News 4 dispatched their news helicop- ter to report on the event, the Colorado De- partment of Transportation issued a Denver Metro Travel Alert and Fox News and the Denver Post also covered the story. Rush hour traffic along this three-lane very busy stretch of road was restricted down to a sin- gle lane to allow CDOT to begin emergency repairs. CDOT had no estimated time of reopening and recommended that drivers avoid the area if possible. Poor concrete performance and dramatic failure isn’t new to CDOT maintenance crews, especially along this section of SH 83 (Parker Road between Parker and Aurora). It has experienced at least three emergency repairs, significantly restricting traffic due to concrete buckling, during the past three summers. Colorado State Patrol responded to manage the accidents and traffic and then CDOT Maintenance crews were dispatched to begin repairs. The buckled concrete slabs were removed and planned to be patched Mike Skinner The author is the Director of Pavement Engineering for the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association (CAPA). He can be reached at with asphalt. However, the holiday weekend had begun and availability of repair materials was very difficult. CDOT reached out to CAPA for communication assistance with their members and Brannan Sand & Gravel responded by providing asphalt paving materials to CDOT for the repairs during the holiday. Buckled concrete pavements are not restricted to just CDOT highways, and local agencies are just as susceptible. Just a few years earlier, Arapahoe County experienced a dramatic failure along Buckley Road, only two miles away. CDOT and local agencies that have concrete pavements around the state have to stay on high alert during the hot summer months, recognizing that they could have to respond to an emergency failure at anytime. To that end, many local agencies across Colorado have recognized that they simply don’t have the in-house maintenance resources to maintain concrete pavements and are elect- ing to phase out their concrete pavement network thru new and reconstruction capital projects being designed with asphalt. Asphalt’s superior safety, performance, value and ease of repair make it today’s pavement of choice in Colorado. With local producers and contractors in nearly every community, agencies have a competitive marketplace for the safe, smooth long-lasting pavements drivers demand. Asphalt….Safety and Performance for a Lifetime. July Fireworks for CDOT Maintenance Crews S. Parker Road. Photo credit: Arapahoe County Photo credit: CBS News 4 Buckley Road in Arapahoe County 2015 Photo credit: Arapahoe County