Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring-Summer 2019

2019 Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards Located on the west side of DEN’s Concourses, Taxiways F and G provide access to all the west side runways. During winter months, these taxiways also provide access to critical deice pads. The Taxiways F and G pavement areas include seven connector taxiways and three deice pads. In addition, electric, natural gas, water, jet fuel, and numerous other utilities traverse the project limits. All existing concrete and asphalt pave- ments were removed to DEN’s recycling yard and crushed to a Class 6 gradation for future airport maintenance use. 22,000 SY of 17-inch and 21-inc thick concrete panels were replaced, the electrical system was renovated, and grading and drainage was upgraded to comply with FAA criteria – all while jumping around the project area to meet the five milestones and allow for aircraft traffic to be maintained. CATEGORY — Concrete Pavement Restoration Airports Taxiways F & G Pavement, Lighting & Safety Area Rehabilitation at Denver International Airport 36 Colorado Public Works Journal