Colorado Public Works Journal, Spring 2019

Spring 2019 13 How did you get the opportunity with Yeh and Associates? At the time I retired from CDOT I was in a pretty specialized job. I was lucky to get many job offers as I had many connections. I hadn’t planned on staying in the industry and took some time off for myself. Yeh approached me to work on CDOT projects checking documentation on projects for compliance and such. Traveling around the state teaching students, Training and cer- tification of personnel which really is my expertise. Plus I get to volunteer at events and be the face of Yeh and Associates. It sounds like you have the perfect job Tammy? Yes, I love it there. They are like one big family and it has a great atmosphere. Finally Tammy, Can you name 3 things that you believe have made you successful? 1. My Dad for sparking the initial interest in me. 2. Determination 3. Being a people person. Well, I can certainly attest to you being a people person Tammy, as this has been one of the nicest ’30 Minutes with’ I have conducted. Who would you like to see us interview in CPWJ? Send your suggestions to us at: