Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2019

SAFETY Marchetti admits that this project has been in the works for a long time. In 2004, the Edwards Spur Road Corridor Feasibil- ity Study concluded that the road should be planned as a four-lane highway because of Edwards’ available land to develop. All four quadrants of the intersection are currently densely populated with businesses and residences. “We plan to put in flashing lights that pedestrians can activate before crossing the intersection. We’re also going to install a refuge island so those pedestrians can wait for traffic to clear instead of sprinting the 50-yards or so across the intersection,” Marchetti said. Traffic in the area is heaviest during the school year. In order to avoid making it worse, CDOT plans to build the roundabout after the school year is over. The plan is to build a functional roundabout in eight weeks, leaving the interior island and traf- fic islands to be built after the roundabout is functioning. Other pedestrian safety improvement include adding sidewalk connections to bus stops, a four foot bike lane on the west and east sides of the road, a pedestrian trail connection to Miller Ranch Road, and reducing speeds through the intersection. CONGESTION According to a traffic engineering study of the area conducted by CDOT, the US 6 and Edwards Spur Road intersection sees 23,600 vehicles per day (VPD). CDOT anticipates the VPD to grow by 2.3 percent annually to nearly 40,000 because of developments near the intersection. The heaviest increase of traffic is expected to be in the summer months, when travel- Winter 2019 • 45