Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2019

by Robert Davis That patience will be rewarded, according to the Edwards Municipal District, as Phase Two of the Edwards Interstate 70 Spur Road project begins in February. The project will widen the road, reconstruct the roadway bridge that crosses over the Union Pacific Railroad and Eagle River, add a pedestrian path, and building a much needed roundabout at the intersec- tion of U.S. Highway 6 and the spur road. “This is truly a much needed project,” said Ken Marchetti, the district manager for the Edwards Municipal District, told Colorado Public Works Journal in a phone interview. “Edwards has basically become a town, even though it is unincorporated. So, instead of this road functioning as a highway through town, we need it to be safe for pedestrians and bicyclists to use as well.” PHASE TWO : Edwards Spur Road Project Set to Begin in February Images © CDOT Safety was among the primary concerns Eagle County resi- dents voiced during the town hall meetings CDOT held lead- ing up to Phase Two. Other concerns voiced during those meetings include traffic congestion and improving water services in the community. “It’s not that the intersection has been problematic in terms of higher-than-normal accident rates. It is problematic in that it is downtown Edwards,” Marchetti said. Motorists travelling through Edwards this summer should exercise patience as the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Eagle County, and the Edwards Metropolitan District team up to improve the Edwards Interstate 70 spur road. 44 • Colorado Public Works Journal