Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2019

Winter 2019 • 19 Canvas Stadium at Colordao State Univer- sity unites the campus by transforming a former parking lot into a dynamic. mixed-use facility for both students and alumni. Featur- ing exterior concourses, private suites and clubs. press boxes. loge boxes. weight and training rooms, an alumni center and aca- demic hub, this 727,000 SF facility required extensive civil engineering design and construction considerations. Providing full civil and structural services, we avoided potentially disastrous results of sys- tem buildup during the “halftime flush” - an event in which all 40,000 fams flush a toilet at roughly the same time. Mitigation required coordination with the City to tie into larger capacity sanitary lines, extending near;y 2,000 feet away from the stadium. This design accomodated the halftime flush and provided relief to the campus and surround- ing community sewer systems. ACEC AWARDS SPOTLIGHT Canvas Stadium at Colorado State University (CSU) Excellence Engineer: Martin/Martin, Inc. The design and construction team utilized a phased appraoch to utility installation and tie-ins to reduce the impact surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, the civil engi- neering design included a massive under- ground detention facility loacted beneath Meridian Avenue, which effectively manages stormwater drainage for the new facility and potects the downstream properties.