Colorado Public Works Journal, Winter 2019

18 • Colorado Public Works Journal SPOTLIGHT ACEC AWARDS Colorado Engineering Council’s Top Awards Spotlight Outstanding Engineering Accomplishments Meadowlark School, PK-8 - Boulder Valley School District Excellence Award Engineer: BranchPattern The ACEC Colorado Engineering Excellence Awards program annually recognizes consulting engineering firms for projects that demonstrate an exceptional degree of innovation, complexity, achievement and value. For over 50 years, Colorado firms have entered their most innovative projects and studies into this competition. This year’s winners encompass a wide range of engineering techniques in a variety of project-types, demonstrating the widespread applications of engineering solutions. To share these contributions with the community, ACEC Colorado will display the project boards from the EEA’s in the training room at the new ACEC offices at 800 Grant St., and tentatively the boards are scheduled for display at the State Capitol February 18-22, 2019. Improving Education through Better Built Schools UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE • Uncommon in the United States, radiant heating/cooling systems were utilized on this project to control building climate, and provide an optimal setting for thermal comfort • The intelligent buoyancy-driven natural ventilation system integrates ceiling fans and windows so the mechanical climate system does not run when the windows are open SUCCESSFULLY FULLFILLED CLIENT NEEDS • Installation of 20 daylighting tubes helped meet Boulder Valley’s energy goal • Met ag- gressive two year construction schedule • Met thermal comfort needs via a use of radiant heating/cooling and solar chimney • Designed to be Net-Zero Energy Use Ready SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND SUSTAINABLE DESIGN • Customized systems provide thermal comfort and promote flexible learning space • Oc- cupants receive health benefits from the increased air ventilation and natural light COMPLEXITY • The cool temperatures of the floor with an in-slab radiant cooling system can cause condensation to form when high humidity is present. The building system monitors both indoor humidity levels and the slab temperature. When humidity in the space gets too high, the air handling units filter the air to reduce humidity to eliminate this issue • Design- ing a system that has mechanical ventilation and operable windows to provide ventilation can create energy loss and building pressure issues • Given the budget, hitting an EUI of 25 kbtu/sf/yr of energy consumption was a challenge FUTURE VALUE TO ENGINEERING INDUSTRY • Successful installation of radiant heating/cooling method can be as cost effective as classic climate control techniques • This project raised public awareness of innovative en- gineering practices by including a learning wall that teaches students how the building works