Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall-Winter 2018

Fall 2018 / 15 WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM INDUSTRY NEWS The Town received positive comments from residents and drivers via our Facebook page and thumb’s up from drivers… in general the public loves the new asphalt that replaced the old concrete. “ ” We did run into a few project hiccups during construction. First, we found very soft wet subgrade in select areas which required 5% CTS chemical stabilization. We also had a very wet summer and it rained almost every other day, requiring the contractor to phase the work so not all the subgrade would be exposed. However, ultimately the project was completed on budget and opened to full traffic on August 10th (one day ahead of schedule). What were the takeaways from this successful project that the Town can use for future CIP projects? The Town, the contractor and the subcontractor all worked very well together to maintain the schedule and traffic, keeping the drivers moving and opening the project on-time…which was very satisfying.