Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall-Winter 2018

14 / The Road Ahead WWW.CO-ASPHALT.COM INDUSTRY NEWS Mike Skinner, PE is the Director of Pavement Engineer- ing for the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association and recently sat down with Veronica Cid, PE, Public Works CIP Project Manager with the Town of Castle Rock to discuss the Town’s successful 2018 Meadows Parkway Reconstruction project. How did you end up with the Town of Castle Rock Public Works Engineering Division and what is your role as a CIP Project Manager? Before joining the Town of Castle Rock, I was a Public Works Project Engineer for ten years with Bernalillo County in Albu- querque, New Mexico. Prior to that, I was a consultant in Hawaii. When I came onboard in February 2018, my first project with the Town was Meadows Parkway (which started construction three months later). My role as a Public Works CIP Project Manager includes oversight of consultant or in-house design and oversight of construction. How extensive was the concrete pavement mainte- nance history for Meadows Parkway and how did that influence the Town’s decision to reconstruct with asphalt? The existing concrete along Meadows Parkway was about 30 years old, was exhibiting distresses and poor ride quality and had reached the end of its design life. The Town evaluated reconstruction with concrete or asphalt and selected the The Asphalt Advantage Success with Local Agency Capital Projects asphalt option for two reasons. First, the asphalt option was cheaper to construct and easier to maintain, we can simply mill the asphalt surface in the future and have practi- cally a new road again. Second, the project was on a tight construction schedule and asphalt was more timely based on the phasing of the project. The asphalt is also much smoother than concrete. During development of the project, the Town of Castle Rock reached out to CAPA for Industry input with a Constructability Review. How helpful is that process in developing the scope of work? Industry input from contractors is very valuable, they can share a different perspective based on their experiences and expertise. It is a very useful process. What was the scope of the reconstruction project? Meadows Parkway is a four-lane divided major arterial roadway and serves as a primary route into The Meadows (one of the Town’s largest neighborhoods). This $2.2M project involved removal of over half mile of existing concrete and reconstructing with 11 inches of asphalt pavement. The contractor was required that one lane of traffic had to be maintained in each direction at all times. The project could not begin until after schools were out for the summer and had to be completed by August 11th which created a tight construction window.