Colorado Public Works Journal, Fall 2017

LARGE COMMUNITY SUSTAINABILITY In 2017, SEMSWA completed the WQ Demonstration Site, with the goal of highlighting Water Quality Enhancements (WQEs) as a way for the developer, the community, and SEMSWA to have “our cake and eat it too”: less fees, lower costs, and marketable aesthetics for the developer; increased property values, reduced urban heat island effects, and open space optimization for the community; and source-specific pollutant removal and sustainable lot- level treatment infrastructure to meet SEMSWA regulations. Through collabo- ration with Muller and L&M Enterprises during the design phase, the project’s landscape architects, Valerian, with the assistance of Alpine Eco, completed a landscape design for three varied swales, a wet meadow infiltration basin, and a Living Wall to provide water quality treatment via ‘green infrastructure’ that maximizes the use of landscaped spaces for pollutant removal and runoff re- duction for the SEMSWA building’s impervious area. Infiltration has overall su- perior water quality improvement, and incorporating WQEs in the landscape project highlights the ability for a developer to maximize the functionality and sustainability of code or criteria regulated stormwater facilities and optimize the aesthetics of their urban landscapes, while at the same time targeting and removing pollutants from urban stormwater runoff. Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (SEMSWA) - WQ Landscaping Demonstration Site FALL 2017 /// 35 LARGE COMMUNITY TRANSPORTATION HA5 is a new and promising application in Colorado, with a proven track record in other parts of the Country as well. Arapahoe County is excited to be on the cutting edge of this new technology and looks forward to the continued use as a pavement preservation treatment. In summary, HA5 is a valuable new tool in our pavement preservation toolbox. Arapahoe County - High Density Mineral Bond Pavement Preservation Project